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If you've been caught operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher, then you've committed a DWI crime under Texas laws. The steps you take now may have a direct impact on your right to drive, your freedom, and your future. Understanding more about these cases and what evidence may be used against you can help you make the right choices and select the proper representation.

At the Martinez Law Firm, we've made it our mission to make sure our DWI clients have the resources and representation to seek the best possible outcome for their cases. With former prosecuting experience, we know the state will seek harshest possible penalties for DWI offenders. However, we also know how to defend against them. It's this kind of knowledge and incisive representation that has earned our firm "Top Houston Lawyer" recognition in H Magazine five years in a row.

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What are the penalties for DWI in Texas?

Texas does not look kindly upon DWI offenders and state statutes outline serious penalties for those caught. They often vary depending on the severity of the circumstances, but all call for competent legal representation.

Some of the penalties for DWI include:

  • First offense: Up to 180 days of jail, $2,000 in fines, and 1 year of license suspension.
  • Second offense: Up to 1 year in jail, $4,000 in fines, and 2 years of license suspension.
  • Third offense: Up to 10 years in prison, $10,000 in fines, and 2 years of license suspension.

These are just the broad strokes of these penalties. Often there annual fees to keep your license valid after DWI convictions and, depending on the details of your case, the costs of interlock mechanisms, restitution, alcohol treatment programs.

Representing Clients for all DWI-Related Cases

Along with the basic types of DWI defined by the state, there are also a number of variations of the crime the yield serious consequences. Our firm can represent clients for all types of cases and issues regarding DWI.

These can include the following matters:

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At The Martinez Law Firm, we are fully dedicated to providing each client with the highest level of service and legal representation possible. We challenge DWI charges for drivers throughout the Houston area, using our resources and experience to seek the best outcome in every case. Because we are led by a former prosecutor, we have the ability to build even more effective defense strategies based on an understanding of how the "other side" thinks and works.

Put your case in capable hands. Contact a Houston DWI attorney at our firm.

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