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The Harris County DIVERT Experience

The DIVERT program initiated in Harris County, Texas has some good and bad points.  I will not rehash them here.  A client was kind enough to allow me to publish their email to me .  The following is their unedited experience with DIVERT.
    I wanted to give you  a brief summary of my probation time. In November 2010, my interlock was removed. I was so excited, you have no idea the drama I had going on with my car. That machine caused my battery and alternator to mess up. The interlock guys tell you it doesn't affect that, but sure enough it did. First , I drove around with a jump cable asking random people to help me. Then I started carrying in the truck a portable battery starter. Long story short: my battery died out and it had to be replaced. 

I was placed on mail-in for the month of December 2010. My probation officer explained that if she does not contact me, I would not have to go in for a drug test. Well, in my case I had to drop off my mail-in form because I do not have a scanner at home. She asked me to take the urinalysis. In January 2011, I was also on mail-in. I was not asked to take a urinalysis.

In February 2011, I had an appointment with her. I had to take the urinalysis....but surprisingly, she asked me to blow into a machine. It's a high tech machine.... and blowing into it was extremely easy. It's even cords attached to the machine.
I was not told that I had to take such a test. But I thought I would let you know, so that you can inform your clients....Basically, it was random.

I am on mail-in for the month of March 2011, and I have my final appointment on April 20th, 2011. I am so excited Mr. Martinez, I have not only completed the program, but I have also abstained from drinking. I did not want to take any risks whatsoever. I plead guilty in front of a judge and I have no plans of being behind bars. Therefore, I followed the program 100%, with absolutely no room for ANY mistakes. 

One last thing I thought I would also let you know, they are getting much stricter when it comes to people violating on their interlock. At times, if you eat a kolache, it violates you, but as soon as you drink water then blow again, you are good to go. As I was waiting for my turn at my appointment, I was told that she had to go to court because the DA is kicking out EVERY person that is violating their terms. I guess this program is made to fail, and those that succeed and pass are the fortunate ones to have their outlook changed on drinking and driving. Honestly, Mr. Martinez, drinking and driving is not worth it. Hands down lesson learned.

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