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What Time Does The Houston Rodeo Concert Start?

The actual musical performer for the Houston Rodeo usually waits until after 9 p.m. to take the stage at the Houston Rodeo.  This allows the concession stands to rack up enough sales for the night.  I have never been there late enough to find out when they stop serving alcohol, but I am sure it is pretty late into the night.

Every year we represent someone that gets arrested after attending the Rodeo.  One of the questions they trip up on is when the police officer asks them when the concert started.  The Rodeo starts at 6:45, but the person never remembers that the concert starts much later.  Thus, the police officer and subsequently the prosecutor believes that the person lost the normal use of their mental faculties which is one of the three ways someone is deemed to be intoxicated in Texas.

Do yourself a favor this year if you are going to the Rodeo by taking a cab to the Rodeo or at the very least take a taxi to one of the Metro stops for the Rodeo to avoid a DWI arrest.
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