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Blog Posts in May, 2011

The Judge That Gives Also Taketh Away

A few of the Harris County, Texas Judges were reluctant to accept the DIVERT program when it started. In fact, there is still one judge that does not allow the program in his court. One of the main ...
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Houston DIVERT Questionaire

After posting the DIVERT contract yesterday I realized it would be helpful if I posted the initial questionnaire that is asked of someone before the SALCE assessment is done. The following is asked of ...
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Sample Houston, Harris County, Texas DWI DIVERT Contract

Now that the Harris County, Texas DIVERT program is over a year old it is evident that it is here to stay unless the legislature decides to change the law. The program has changed the way a DWI lawyer ...
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Baseball and DWI Arrests

What is going on this year in major league baseball? A Minnesota Twins pitcher, Francisco Liriano, that has never completed a game with a e.r.a over 9 entering the game, throws a no hitter yesterday. ...
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