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The Martinez Law Firm

The Martinez Law Firm is a Houston based law firm concentrating in defending individuals from charges involving driving while intoxicated (DWI). Our single most important goal is to ensure that our clients receive the best defense in every case that we handle. We are dedicated to providing an experienced and knowledgeable defense that is tailor-made to each client's unique DWI case.

If you have been charged with any type of drunk driving offense in the Harris County, Texas area, from multiple DWI to felony DWI or even underage DWI, you need to make sure that you speak with an attorney who handles these types of cases on a regular basis. Should you choose to work with us, you can trust that we will work with you to fight your charges in a manner that is targeted to achieving success. You will not meet a more compassionate and understanding lawyer than our founding attorney Herman Martinez.

No matter what your criminal charges are, we will work tirelessly to help you with your case. We have access to resources that can benefit your case, such as expert witnesses and other defense support systems that can help solidify your defense. From helping represent clients in their ALR hearing to helping them challenge evidence relating to field sobriety tests, as well as breath and blood tests, we have proven that we can be of invaluable assistance. We are also able to help with DWI cases involving commercial drivers, as well as driving under the influence of drugs.

Why contact a DWI attorney from our firm?

At the Martinez Law Firm, we can help you if you have been charged with a crime as we defend clients in all Texas State Courts. We understand that you might be confused and afraid after you find that you will be charged with a serious DWI offense. Our Houston DWI attorneys are intimately familiar with the criminal justice system, the Judges and prosecutors. We have an excellent working relationship with the courts and we will fight vigorously on your behalf. At our firm, we have years of Prosecution and Defense Trial Experience. This uniquely qualifies us to determine whether proper police procedures were followed or if your Constitutional rights were violated in your case.

We understand from prior experience the importance of immediate investigative work, researching specific case law pertaining to your case, contacting the district attorney prosecuting your case and communication with the agency that filed the case. These critical aspects of the case handled with extreme care and attention to detail allow us a greater opportunity for a positive outcome with your case. An experienced law firm can and does make a difference.

A criminal charge is a very serious matter and, as a result, a very stressful time. Therefore we guide our clients through each stage of the Criminal Justice process. Our attorneys bring professionalism and a vast array of knowledge and experience to every matter. It is paramount to our approach in every case that "an arrest does not mean you are guilty." We ensure that all of your rights are protected, that you receive justice and due process. Above all, we fight for YOUR rights!

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